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CMSC, Inc. is a New York based concrete testing laboratory that offers a wide range of both field and laboratory testing of construction materials in accordance with the standards and specifications of institutions of international and regional recognition such as AASHTO, ASTM and ACI.

On-Site Concrete Testing

We are a concrete testing lab that will perform fresh concrete testing during actual concrete placement and provide necessary personnel for rebar installation and concrete placement inspection and concrete plant inspection. Mold cylinder, cure and test them in laboratory.

Special Inspection

Our testing material lab also performs all necessary inspections listed in the NYCDOB: TR-1, TR-2 and TR-8. SMSC, Inc. will provide qualified personnel to perform the inspections necessary to obtain certificate of occupation 

Why Choose Us?

CMSC, Inc. is accredited by AASHTO and ASTM and licensed by the NYC Department of Buildings as . All equipment used for inspection, testing and monitoring meets applicable standards required calibration and is reviewed annually through quality audits.

Our company will provide all the necessary services in order to complete your construction requirements and sign-offs (TR-1, TR-2, etc.).

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